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Dehydrated Squids (pieces) - 60gms

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Health Benefits of Squids for Dogs and Cats

So here’s why you can consider feeding squids to your furry friend. However only in small quantities, please remember that. No matter how beneficial in terms of healthy human foods are. Moderation is key when it comes to feeding them to dogs and cats.

Squids have High Protein:

A well-balanced diet for your pet contributes to proper development and growth. This means squid as an additional source of protein is good.

Protein is an ideal choice for bodybuilding. It also boosts the production of hormones, enzymes, and chemicals in the body. And these are much-needed for the development and growth of your little pup.

Dehydrated Squids

Squids have Low Fat, and Low Calories

As far as keeping your dog healthy and fit is concerned, foods with low-fat levels are ideal. Squids have a low-fat content.

When you feed squids to your canine friend or your feline friend, you’re keeping unhealthy fats and cholesterol at bay. That means preventing health complications. This implies that uncooked squids are the most advisable to feed.

High Zinc

Zinc is present abundantly in squids. And what zinc does is fight organisms that cause damage in the body. With zinc, your dog’s and cats immune system grows stronger. And that means the chances of developing diseases reduce drastically.

High Copper

Needless to say, zinc offers a generous amount of copper too. And your canine’s and felines body demands copper to stimulate the production of RBCs (red blood cells). Copper contributes to storing and producing iron. And iron, in turn, performs the task of forming red blood cells.

High Vitamins

Squids contains Vitamin B3 for stabilizing sugar levels, Vitamin B12 that protects his/her heart from potential risks associated with the functioning of the organ. Then there’s riboflavin (Vitamin B2). And this one’s great for promoting healthy heart functioning.


Amino Acid Table:

SQUID TOTAL PROTEIN 45 gms 18% MIN - AFFCO Squids in grams to reach AFFCO min
mg mg grams
Tryptophan 512 160 31
Threonine 1934 480 25
Isoleucine 1977 380 19
Leucine 3212 680 21
Lysine 3321 630 19
Methionine 1022 650 64
Cystine 614
Phenylalanine 1663 450 27
Tyrosine 1460
Valine 1993 490 25
Arginine 3270 510 16
Histidine 882 190 22
Alanine 2708
Aspartic acid 4307
Glutamic acid 6561
Glycine 2809
Proline 1985
Serine 2059

65% water 10% water
grams grams
Total Fat 7.5 19
Saturated Fat 1.9 4.8
Monosaturated fat 2.7 6.8
polyunsaturated fat 2.1 5.3
(incl: Omega 3 0.646 1.6
(incl: Omega 6 1.468 3.7


  • Not to be fed for pets having allergies to shellfish.
  • Feed moderate levels. Not more than 3-4 pieces per day.low