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Buffalo Heart Slices - 100 gms

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Dried Buffalo Hearts

For those pet owners who are looking for a better way to care for their pets, we have the perfect solution. We offer a wide variety of buffalo hearts that provide your beloved animals with all the nutrients they need! Our buffalo hearts are sure to satisfy any animal's taste buds. All of our buffalo heart products come from free-range, grass-fed, and pasture raised buffaloes and you can rest assured knowing all animal are ethically treated before production. Our company is dedicated to providing high quality pet treats at affordable prices so that every pet owner has access. Our slow-dehydrated hearts are sure to satisfy any animal's taste buds.


Why feed dried Buffalo Hearts?

This is a summary from Dr. Barbara Royal's "Dry Food versus Raw Diets for Dogs" Dried hearts have been fed with great success by many people with animals that suffer from skin problems, including hot spots, allergies, oozing ear infections, etc., especially when the problem is flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). In addition to being an anti-inflammatory in its own right due to its high taurine content (taurine is found in bovine heart), dried heart also helps clean up yeast problems commonly seen with allergic animals. Since dried heart contains so much taurine it can help if the animal has low taurine levels (a common problem with small dogs who are prone to seizures). The high mineral content of dried heart assists in the treatment of many skin conditions including seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.


Benefits of Dehydrated Buffalo Hearts:

  • The heart can be a powerful tool in your quest for your pets good health. Hearts are high in protein, low to medium fat content, full of vitamins and minerals - they are also a great source of coenzyme Q10, zinc, selenium, phosphorus among many other nutrients that will keep pets healthy.
  • Hearts makes it a powerhouse ingredient for pets as they're loaded up on proteins and cholesterol-free fats so there's less chance of clogging vessels or raising blood pressure levels; vitamin A from beta carotene which helps maintain eye sight; Vitamin B12 boosts energy metabolism by breaking down carbohydrates into glucose while also protecting the nervous system.
  • Buffalo Hearts contains extremely high levels of Taurine that is extremely beneficial for maintaining good heart health.


Buffalo hearts sourced from abbatoirs that handle free-range animals.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Feed 2-3 pieces daily as a healthy treat or as a training aid for your cat & dog.
  • Break into pieces for small dogs and always monitor your pet while treating.
  • Fresh drinking water should always be available.
  • This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
  • Always supervise your dog when feeding any treats or chews.

Storage & Handling

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Reseal after opening
  • Refrigerate to extend shelf life.
  • Store in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months from purchase
  • Do not allow to come in contact with water or any liquid
  • Keep away from direct heat and light