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Dehydrated Ox Tails - 3pcs

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Ox Tails which are dehydrated and when fed to dogs helps in the biting, shearing, and crushing action of chewing bone (especially buffalo tails). The chewing action will clean and massage a dog’s teeth and gums, clearing away any food residues that feed the tartar development.

Dental problems, greater in smaller dogs, were a result of “dogs fed soft diets with insufficient dental activity…in cutting and tearing raw flesh, breaking or crunching bones, and using their teeth in ratting and rabbiting etc”.

We sell dehydrated oxtails that are perfect for your pets because they're soft and easy to digest. For carnivores, these dried Ox tails contain calcium and phosphorus which help maintain their skeletons!

We have a variety of products available at our company store including the best seller: Dried Dehydrated Ox Tails. These treats provide an excellent source of protein in addition to being as chewy and healthy as you can get for any animal's diet. They also offer all-important minerals such as Calcium & Phosphorus so we recommend them if you have a pet with dietary restrictions or needs like most people do today

Chewing bones twice a week helps to prevent dental disease…”. Few of us today need convincing of their importance in having healthy teeth, gums, and digestive tracts in a carnivore.

These raw meaty bones are soft enough to be fed to smaller dogs in smaller portion sizes as well as larger dogs. These raw meaty bones are not ideal for cats.

Our dehydrated Ox Tails are safe for pets to eat because they are soft and easy to digest. In fact, dehydrated Ox Tails are great food for carnivores. They are a major source of calcium and phosphorus for the maintenance of their skeletons.