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Dehydrated Chicken Wings - 5 pcs

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Dehydrated Chicken Wings:

Dehydrated Chicken wings are dried rather than cooked. So they will break when chewed, rather than splinter like cooked, brittle bones. This makes them a safe, natural treat for dogs. In addition to their safety, dehydrated Chicken Wings offer entertainment to your dog as they work to chew it. This chewing also provides dental benefits, as the dehydrated Chicken Wings help clean your dog's teeth.

They are an excellent source of protein and niacin. The former is great for combating hunger between meals and the latter provides the energy your dog needs to keep playing (and earning more treats!) As part of their natural diet, dehydrated Chicken Wings provide dogs with natural fiber, among other nutrients. They are a great source of chondroitin and glucosamine which is essential for healthy joints.


Nourish as nature intended, these are the words we absolutely live by at B.A.R.F INDIA. Our dogs may not be able to read ingredients yet, but we are confident that when you open up that bag of B.A.R.F INDIA treats they will INSTANTLY smell the difference. The nose knows best and we are confident that your dog will never turn down our delicious premium treats.

The Difference is we do things different from finding the highest quality products available, to quality testing our treats before they reach your doorstep, we always make sure that your furry friends come first.

Our Dehydrated Chicken Wing treats are 100% human-grade meat that is dehydrated at VERY low temperatures to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients that dogs thrive off.

100% FREE-RANGE CHICKEN- Human-Grade Chicken.

Please note: there will be a size difference in each treat because we prefer to keep our products natural hand cut. This product is not to be used in any way, shape, or form as a complete meal replacement in your pet's diet. Feed-in proportion depending on your dog's size. If constipation occurs reduce daily intake (this is due to the high concentration of calcium and other vitamins).