What is dehydrated dog food?

Dehydrated Dog Food: Everything you wanted to know

If you wouldn’t eat fast food every day, why should your dog? If you’re looking for healthy options to feed your dog, dehydrated food is one way to go. Not sure what it means? Let’s read a little more on it, shall we?

What is dehydrated dog food?

Let’s begin by understanding what dehydrated dog food really is. It is a healthy food option for your dog that has undergone minimal processing. The best part is that dogs of ALL ages can eat this food, and they love it because of its rich flavours and you’ll love it for its high nutritional content. With dehydrated food, you get the best of all worlds – the convenience of dry food plus the nutritional benefits of raw. There is no mess, and it's lightweight making it easy to carry around. As the name suggests, dehydration is a process by which the moisture from the food is removed while still retaining the original nutrients and positive qualities. Once the water is removed, the food becomes light-weight, nutrient-rich andhealthy, a much better alternative to ‘cooked’ kibbles or dry foods. At feeding time, you can simply add water and it is ready to be served. Warm the water, mix it in the food and stir. (In the case of readymade dehydrated foods, you will usually find the mixing ratios on the dog food bag.) Let is it sit for 2-3 minutes so the water can get fully absorbed by the food, allowing the nutrients, flavours, and aromas to be released. dehydrated dog food

Is dehydrated dog food safe?

The slow and gentle process of dehydration copies the natural preservation method seen in nature – the sun! For thousands of years, man has preserved food to make it last longer using dehydration. And when the same process is applied to dog food, the result is a diet that is possibly one of the safest options available. Thanks to the dehydration process, all the moisture in the food is pulled out, thus leaving no scope for pathogens to thrive, a fear many pet parents have regarding raw foods. And since this helps make the food last longer, you no longer need to worry about the range of preservatives found in kibble. A long shelf life (from 12 months to 2 years), a healthier food option and much tastier too, and what you’ve got is a food that is the safest for your dog.

Is dehydrated dog food grain free?

This will depend on the brand of dehydrated food that you purchase. The best way to know is to look at the ingredient list. If you see grains such as:
…then you know the food is not grain free.

What are the benefits of dehydrated dog food?

Most pet parents are familiar with kibble but they might not know much about dehydrated food. Let’s look at some of the benefits of dehydrated dog food.

Cooking method

Dehydrated dog food is made by taking real-food and gently cooking it at very low temperatures to remove the moisture content while retaining the natural nutritional benefits and enzymes. The result is a nutritionally-right and long-lasting product. It is almost similar to raw food in nutritional value, but much more convenient to store and carry.

Nutrient makeup

Like we just mentioned, dehydrated food is much more natural and nutrient-rich than kibble and is similar to raw food. Your dog receives most of the natural mineral, vitamins, and amino acids found in the original food.


Between kibble, raw and dehydrated, kibble is often the less expensive, then dehydrated and finally raw, which is the more expensive. But you must remember, that just like human food, a lower-priced food is usually processed and is low in nutritious ingredients and benefits. Dog Food

Can all dogs eat dehydrated dog food?

All dogs can eat dehydrated food. Remember to make the switch gradual, and introduce the new food to them slowly, giving time to their stomach to get used to it. Senior dogs need more of the correct nutrients and vitamins necessary for their aging bodies, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, which are important to help them avoid joint pain. These ingredients have also been known to work on strengthening joints and cartilage. Moreover, this is much easier to chew as many senior dogs lose their teeth due to old age. Puppies that start off on the right nutrition foot can see the benefits in the long run when it comes to their health and vet bills too! Some dehydrated foods are made specifically for puppies to ensure they get the right nutrients for the right age.


Dehydrated dog food is nutritious, convenient, and affordable in the long run. And the benefits far outweigh any doubts that you may have. Dehydrated food is all natural, real-food food that has the same nutritional integrity as the original ingredients.