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Quail Heads - 15 pcs

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Quail Heads are a great way to include edible bone, meat and organ into your pet's diet. Quail is known to include 4 times more vitamin C and 4 times more iron than chicken meat. Quail is a great novel protein for many animals, and small enough to be a natural prey to cats and dogs.

Quail heads are sourced from our own farms where our quails are raised in a cage-free environment. Dehydrated bones and cartilage are safe to feed for dogs and cats, good for chewing and act as a natural toothbrush. Great for training or as treat.

Especially great for small breed dogs, cats that need smaller chews. Product contains zero antibiotics, hormones, and additives

Feeding Instructions:
Intended for supplemental feeding only. Always supervise while chewing.

Store in cool, dry place or freezer for long term storage