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Emu Recipe - 4kgs

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Emu Meat is the best solution for dogs with allergies with regular pet food. Our Emu Meats for Dogs is Human Grade. This package of Emu Meat includes Emu Hearts, Emu Liver and Emu Gizzards. Emu meat is extremely high in iron and is the best meat for anaemic dogs.

Emu meat is a tasty, pleasing red meat. Emu meat is 97% fat-free. Emu meat is high in iron and vitamin B 12 and low in calories and cholesterol.

Emu meat is an exceptional protein in that it is higher in vitamin C, iron, and digestible protein than buffalo, yet still has the equivalent fat and cholesterol content of poultry.

Exquisite cuts of red meat, including steaks, go into this premium Emu grind. Raw and frozen for your pets’ optimal health! Simply thaw & serve!

Emu Diet is the perfect option for pets who suffer from the following common conditions


Emu meat is easily digestible, has low fat, and contains ample naturally occurring moisture that a pet with pancreatitis needs to get healthy.


Since emu is “exotic” meat that is fed raw, it has a low chance of causing or aggravating existing allergies. Emu is an easily digestible raw novel protein.


Emu meat contains over twice the amount of iron as buffalo, so for pets that have diagnosed anemia or those who show symptoms such as black tar-y stools, lack of appetite, general lethargy, and/or very pale pink gums, the high iron content of emu will help raise iron levels and diminish symptoms

Take the path less traveled and explore new territory with no compromises and no short cuts. The B.A.R.F. diet helps you lead your dog on the path to whole-body health. Made with high quality, natural ingredients, and naturally available Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino acids, our premium formulas bring together the best of nature and nutrition for a lifetime of benefits you can see. Feed your dog exceptionally, every step of the way.


Fish, Meat, Offal & Bone: (92%)
Fresh EMU meat, Emu Heart and livers. EMU rib-bones finely ground.

Vegetables & Fruits: (7%)
Farm-fresh asparagus, hydroponically grown Romaine lettuce, Pesticide-free Broccoli, apples, and blueberries.

Seaweeds and herbs: (1%)
Turmeric, Seaweed, a mixture of essential herbs and BARF India's secret blend of nutrients.


Protein (min)
Fat (min)
Moisture (max)
Fibre (max)


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