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Dehydrated Anchovies - 100 gms.

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All-Natural Dehydrated Anchovies

B.A.R.F India's dehydrated anchovies for dogs and cats are a healthy and irresistible tasty treat for canines and felines alike.

Anchovies, in particular, are a popular number on the superfood for dogs list. Fishing for your furry friend’s superfood couldn’t get better! Typically found over the west coast of India, anchovies are very small saltwater fish, whose smell has an appealing quality to dogs and cats alike.

These anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. The omega-3 fatty acids have powerful positive effects on our pets’ health. Amongst others, omega-3 fatty acids support the heart, skin, and coat health of dogs and cats.

The anchovies for these treats come from the pristine Goan waters of the Indian Ocean. They are wild-caught by local fishermen.

Key Benefits of feeding Anchovies to Pets:

  • High in omega-3 with wide-ranging health benefits for heart, skin, and coat health
  • Suitable for dogs and cats suffering from poultry or meat-related allergies
  • Free of any additives, colors, fillers, or preservatives
  • Unsalted and untreated with any chemicals.
  • Sourced and made in Goa, India

Feeding Instructions:
This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Always supervise your dog when feeding any treats or chews. Please ensure that your dog has always access to plenty of fresh drinking water.


Whole dehydrated Anchovy provides a nutrient-rich treat filled with Omega-3s, protein, calcium, selenium, niacin (B-vitamin).

Feed 3-4 Whole Anchovy daily for both Dogs & Cats