Shipping Policy

We try and deliver the products between 1-2 working days for Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore after receiving the order.

For Delhi and surrounding areas our delivery schedules are between 5-7 working days subject to availaibitiy of reefer trucks for shipping.

All other areas other than Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, and Bangalore our shipping is dependent on reefer trucks for the frozen items shipping and can vary from 5-15 days for the same.

What if my Frozen Pet Food from BARF India is thawed?

If your food arrived on time and is partially frozen or is thawed, it is safe to refreeze or use within the labelled timeframe for consumption as long as the food is cold to the touch. If the food is completely thawed and is not cold to the touch, please contact our customer service department.

Frozen food from BARF India can sit at room temperate for an hour or so after thawing. Consider your dog’s fresh food the same way you handle your own: food left out 1-2 hours will not be a problem, but if you accidentally leave it out overnight, it should be thrown away.