Raw Green Tripe

What are the benefits of feeding your dog raw green tripe?

Benefits of feeding your dog this Super Food - Raw Green Tripe?

We all want nothing but the very best for our furry friends. And we do all that we can to make their lives as comfortable as possible. However, some things sometimes take a backseat – their food. No, we’re not saying that dogs go unfed, but many dogs get raised on a diet of processed food simply because of the ease and convenience of the same. Not to mention the availability and affordability. However, what many pet parents don’t consider is that quick-n-easy today could lead to health issues in the near and far away future. Processed and packaged foods are not part of a dog’s or cat’s dietary habits. And even though these animals have been domesticated for thousands of years, their digestive systems have not evolved to handle processed foods without any side effects. Come to think of it, commercial pet food has been around only for a century or so, while our pet’s evolution goes back to more than several thousand years.

BARF IndiaSo, what is a dog’s natural diet?

Our cute dog’s ancestors have all thrived on fresh meat, and fresh raw meat that too. They hunted prey for food and ate nearly the entire animal, including the stomach and entrails. The modern day dog is no different – it too needs raw meat for it to be healthy. One of the main ingredients that should be included in the diet of your dog is raw green tripe. This is the unprocessed stomach of a cud-chewing animal, like a cow or a deer. You might wonder if your lazy furry baby is up to eating this strange food. Trust us, once your dog smells the tripe natural instinct will kick in and he will be raring to go. Domestication is no match for your dog’s ability to recognize real food when he smells it. You might understandably be a bit uncomfortable with the idea of raw, green tripe. However, it has always been an important component of a carnivore’s diet. You must feed your dog far green tripe to reap the benefits ofthis natural and beneficial food.

What are the nutritional advantages of raw, green tripe?

The right nutrients Raw green tripe contains just the right amount of nutrients your dog needs. When combined with beneficial bacteria and enzymes, it makes raw, green tripe a super food for dogs. Raw tripe also has the right 1:1 ratio of calcium and phosphorus. The protein content and fat content in green trip is at 15.1% and 11.7% respectively. Additionally, green tripe’s pH is acidic and it has the desirable proportions of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Bacteria controller

Another secret tucked away in raw green tripe is lactobacillus acidophilus. This is one of the good intestinal bacteria that keep unwanted bacteria including e-coli, salmonella and listeria from running amok inside your pet and creating health problems. As we all know, it is important to maintain a balance of flora in the gut for good health and overall well being. The intestines do carry their own set of certain good bacteria, but when you include tripe to your pet’s diet, the number of good bacteria will outnumber the bad, making sure your dog’s immune system in in top form.

Digestive enzymes

Lastly, this super food - raw green tripe contains digestive enzymes. Dogs and cats do not naturally produce amylase, the enzyme that helps the grass-eating animal digest its meal. When you feed your dog raw green tripe, he gets the same benefit as a grass-fed animal. Raw green tripe usually contains digestive enzymes and also some pre-digested green matter. This is a potent combination for your pet, giving them the double advantage of enzymes and nutrients. Green Tripe

Where can you source green tripe from?

So, you’re sold on the idea of introducing your dog to tripe. The next question is where do you source it from? Here are a few points that you should keep in mind. Understand that there are several different forms of green tripe in the market. What you see in aisles in the supermarket has been cleaned thoroughly and all nutrients have been bleached out. Don’t feed this to your pet. Instead, get your raw green tripe straight from the owner. Make sure the tripe you get is from grass-fed cows and not from those raised in feedlots. Try and get your hands on large pieces of this super food - fresh raw green tripe. The tougher and more abrasive the piece is the better it is for your dog. It will do a fantastic job of cleaning your dog’s teeth and keep them occupied with the chewing. Remember to feed all tripe outside the house as it will take your dog a long time to make his way through the piece, and while he does it, the smell isn’t something that you would want lingering inside your home. If you can’t get pieces, give your dog ground tripe. This can be either fresh or frozen. The best part of the ground tripe is that you can feed it straight from the bowl like you would with any other dog food. Ground tripe is perfect for cats. You can also buy raw green tripe online at BARF India. Alternatively, freeze-dried tripe is a good idea as well. The freeze-drying process retains all nutrients and enzymes while making sure the tripe lasts a long time. You can look for freeze-dried tripe nuggets or patties. You can use them as training treats or even to coax your fussy eater. Once again, freeze-dried tripe is excellent for cats. If you can’t find any of these fresh forms, you can still opt for canned green tripe. While canned tripe might not contain the same levels of good bacteria that fresh tripe does, its nutritional advantages cannot be disputed. Canned tripe makes a perfect meal addition for weak dogs or those recovering from an illness or surgery. The potent aroma is guaranteed to make the dog want to eat. Conclusion As an industry raw food is slowly catching up, and consumers are also looking for more alternatives to processed foods. Including raw green tripe is a definite way of ensuring that your pet is getting all the right micronutrients and enzymes he is meant to consume.