Tuna and its benefits for raw-fed dogs in India

TUNA and its benefits for Raw-Fed dogs!

The long debated question - Can dogs eat tuna? and is TUNA beneficial for raw-fed dogs? YES! Tuna is extremely rich in proteins, omega-3 and vitamins, all of which your dog needs for excellent health. However, we recommend feeding dogs only the baby variety sizes which vary from 300gms - 550gms in total body weight of each tuna. The bigger Tuna always has the risk of Mercury and hence could be harmful. We always suggest moderation which is vital as with feeding all fishes. You should only feed 150gms - 200gms of tuna to your dog (medium sized breed) in one sitting. This is mostly important for a dog that is new to tuna. You must start by giving her small amounts of tuna each time and checking her reactions. If the dog can handle the small quantities without any issues, you can then proceed to give her the whole fish as a part meal for the day. Raw Tuna

Benefits of feeding Tuna to your Dogs

  • Tuna forms an excellent source of protein which is essential for the development of muscle in your dog. Tuna contains very low levels of fats, making your dog healthy as he grows.
  • Tuna contains essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, high levels of selenium and potassium.
  • Tuna also contains vitamins like B3, B12 and B6 which work together with folic acid to lower the amount of homocysteine, which is formed during methylation, in your dog’s body. High levels of homocysteine are a major cause of heart disease in dogs.
  • Tuna contains very high levels of omega-3. This nutrient contributes to better cardiovascular health, reduces body inflammation, regulates the cholesterol levels and decreases arrhythmia among a host of other benefits.

Raw Tuna

Problems in feeding TUNA:

  • The bigger sized Tuna have high levels of mercury.
  • High levels of mercury are toxic to dogs.
Video of a dog having Whole Tuna! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Ifaz9YprQ Feed in Moderation and Tuna will be an excellent meal or a healthy treat for your dog. BARF India Tuna