raw food better than kibble for dogs

Why is Raw food better than Kibble for your dog

If you are a dog lover, I have no doubt in my mind that you’re extremely passionate and particular about what you’re feeding your dog or dogs. And you should be! They’re a member of our family and their diet is critical towards their mental and physical health. Most pet owners tend to feed kibble or even canned foodstuff to their pets. However, as they say, “The only thing constant is change” and that’s why we see a shift in food preferences amongst pet owners. A large population of kibble and canned foodstuff users are now turning into raw feeders and that’s a very positive sign. Now is raw food better than kibble for dogs? The most common reason that raw feeders give us for switching to a RAW Diet or a BARF diet is because the food is healthy and wholesome and they definitely see a positive change in their pets. But you know along with change comes reactions; positive and some negative. The problem is that too little knowledge is dangerous and everyone has a different opinion and varied perspectives. It’s important to remember that every dog is different and what works for one might not work for the other. So we at BARF India thought that we’ll share our reasons for why RAW food is better than kibble. While we will share our perspective with you, the final decision is up to you and we trust that you will do what’s best for your dog. There are two types of Raw Diets: 1: Commercial Raw diets: Which can be frozen and/or fresh. They are prepared with the aim to support all your dog’s nutritional requirements. 2: Home Made Raw Diets: These usually consist of raw meat, bones, organs and Offal and vegetable and fruits in small quantities. The key is to keep these diets balanced.

Why is raw food better than kibble for dogs

  • If you’re a well -read raw feeder, you will know that for some years now, there have been some instances of pet food being recalled for various reasons. With a raw diet, you have control of what your dog eats. This is important because you will know which foods your dog is allergic to and so you can customize his diet to exclude these foods. and hence raw food better than kibble for dogs
  • Also, bones that are provided as part of a raw diet are excellent for dental hygiene not to mention a good exercise for your dog’s jaws.
Speaking of dental hygiene, it is important to note that RAW food doesn’t contain ingredients like starch and sugar that leads to the build - up of bacteria in the mouth. And your dog won’t have raw food sticking to his teeth because of starch. In fact, raw food contains natural enzymes that protect your dog’s teeth and gums. Trust me, the last thing you want is your dog contracting gingivitis. In brief, gingivitis is a nasty disorder caused due to the build- up of plaque along the gums which leads to pain, infection and bad breath in dogs. It will make your dog very uncomfortable coupled with loss of appetite and therefore lose weight. So by feeding your pet raw food, you are promoting healthier gums too. Raw food, for instance doesn’t stick to the gums. barf india

Weight Control:

We all know that junk food and food containing artificial preservatives are filled with unhealthy ingredients that lead us to put on weight. Obesity in dogs is an increasing problem and a concern for pet owners. I’ve recently had many pet owners approach me to transition their dogs to the BARF diet because they have seen the health benefits and the leaner body shape in dogs who transitioned from a kibble based diet to the RAW diet. Their coat was shinier, they had more energy and in general stopped falling sick. You can read our clients testimonial here:

‘Shitty’ Smells:

If you’re not feeding your pet a RAW diet, you will have spent many trips to the bushes with your dog holding a handkerchief thanks to the foul smelling poop. In comparison, if your pet is being fed RAW, his poop will have a negligible smell, will turn white, crumble like ash and disappear into the soil. There are some people who freak out when they see this change in the stool of their pets, so they land up going back to kibble. This is the worst thing to do. Common sense will tell you that a change in diet will automatically lead to a change in the poop’s consistency. It happens to us too. So don’t panic when you see changes in your pets stool.

Fresh Breath:

A clean stomach leads to general fresh breath. So if your pet is being fed raw, he will have much fresher and cleaner breath than a non- raw fed dog.

A Shinier Coat:

There will be a noticeable change in the look of your pets fur and coat. It will develop a glossier look at feel to it. barf india

You will see an increase in energy in your pet:

With weight loss comes an increase in energy and a happier pet. Pet owners have reported a change in their dog’s demeanor; they’re happier, friendlier and overall much better behaved. You know, having to chew and manage raw food makes your pet behave just like he is supposed to. He’s related to the wolf after all and has to use his muscles and jaws to chew bones and meat. Therefore he will have to use his body and mind which is much better than gulping down kibble. Have you ever watched dogs actually chew kibble? They don’t. All they do is gulp.

Cleaner Ears:

It might surprise you to know that eating kibble all day leads to nasty ear infections. So start your pet on raw right from the time they are puppies. In fact, some pet owners have also claimed that switching to raw has helped heal ear infections. barf india

Retention of Nutrients:

The best nourishment comes from raw meat and your pet’s digestive system is built to absorb nourishment from raw meat, bones and organs. If you still have doubts about the benefits of raw food, it would be wise to meet and speak with other raw feeders. Join our communities, try our BARF diets and watch the benefits of raw food make your pet’s life better! Let us know if you tried the Raw Diet and how it has changed your life.