fat for dogs

Is fat good for dogs?

Did you know that your dog gets most of its energy from fat?

Your dog is your best companion, hanging around you all the time, wanting to participate in all that you do. And when you’re just lying down to rest, he’s right there by your feet or side, content to be with you. We treat our dogs like family and for many of us, they are our furry children. But in the process of believing them to be humans, could we be doing them a disservice in taking care of their diet and other requirements?

Fat is bae

Your bundle of fur and energy relies on fat to get its fuel from. Unlike humans, dogs can metabolise 90-95% of the fat they consume. What about carbs and protein? Dogs actually get 2.5 times more energy from fat than from carbs and protein. And how do they get this fat? Mostly through raw meat. The dog’s sharp teeth, its short digestive tract and ability to make the most of almost all fat intake makes it the ideal recipient for eating raw. However, fat is expensive and not many processed food companies use fat as the main ingredient. But as pet parents we need to put our dog’s needs first.

How is fat beneficial for dogs?

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, fat provides your dog with an excellent source of energy. But that’s not all this fuel does. Fat plays an important role in the normal development of your furry friend as well as aids in the function of cells, nerves, muscles and tissues. Fat is also one of the main components that helps in the production of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins. The job of this substance is to reduce inflammation along with performing several other important functions. Fats also make the food taste and smell so good (to your dog, we mean). It is thanks to fat that your dog is also able to absorb certain vitamins including vitamins A, D, E, and K. If you want your dog to have a rich, shiny and healthy coat, make sure you get plenty of fat in him.

Won’t too much fat for dogs be a concern?

There is really nothing like ‘too much fat’ for dogs. Remember, a high-fat diet is bad for humans and not for canines. Unlike humans, dogs don’t need to worry about cholesterol levels like humans do simply because a dog’s body can absorb fats in a way no human can. In fact, studies have shown that dogs can metabolise free fatty acids at twice the rate than humans do. Additionally, canine muscles are more adapted to use fat as a fuel source rather than carbs. Thus, there are none of the typical health issues that people face from a high-fat diet. On the flip side, if your dog isn’t getting adequate fat, the result can be dry, itchy skin and a dull coat. But what about fat dogs? Those dogs aren’t getting fat from fat; they’re getting fat from carbs, which are mostly found in kibble and processed foods.

Is all food balanced for fat?

All vets and dog nutritionists will tell you that fat is crucial for a dog’s development and health. However, the issue is with dog food companies that believe they can get away with the bare minimum amount for the food to be ‘balanced’. Fat is an expensive ingredient and if dog food companies want their food to be affordable, they scrimp on that most expensive ingredient, while stuffing the kibble with unnecessary and unhealthy carbs. Dogs that eat this processed food are going to use sugar as fuel and store the fat instead. Using sugar as fuel puts a lot of metabolic stress on the dog’s body. This stress has been linked to health issues like cancer, diabetes and obesity. So what makes for a balanced food? Everything about a dog’s anatomy shows that getting fuel from raw meat and fat is the best thing we can do for our furry friends. The sharp, elongated teeth, their short digestive tract and their ability to burn fat twice as fast as humans makes raw meat the BEST source of fuel for our dogs.


Stop worrying about a high-fat diet for your dog. As long as your dog is being a dog, metabolising the fat should not be a cause for concern, not even pancreatitis. Fat is the right fuel source for our pets and it puts the least amount of metabolic stress on its body. If you love your dog and want to feed him just right, make sure you get the fat right into him.