owning a pet

Are you aware of these 6 amazing benefits of owning a pet?

Are you aware of these 6 amazing benefits of owning a pet? Anybody and everybody who has ever owned a pet, especially a dog, will talk endlessly about how it’s changed their lives. There’s nothing more welcoming than a wagging tail and a lolling tongue to make up for a hard day. But do you know that pet ownership can mean much more, on a deeper, healthier level? Come on, let’s find out.

#1 Pets enhance recovery from serious illness, including stroke and cancer

More hospitals should allow pets to visit their owners especially when they are recovering from a serious illness, like cancer or strokes. Patients who meet their pets show lower signs of stress and a more eagerness to get better. Also, when they see their pets, they are less likely to worry about how it is being looked after. Also, pets have a calming effect on their owners. Blood pressure levels are low,heart rate is lower and being with a pet is simply a way to get active and get better, faster.

#2 Pets help reduce the frequency of, and therefore the costs associated with, doctor visits

Pet people are happy people. And happy people just fall sick much fewer times. Visits to doctors are not always for physical ailments. Issues like depressions, loneliness, or just a need for some contact propel people towards physicians. But not so with dog owners. A pet helps de-stress and turns the focus away from ourselves on to another being. People with pets are likely to exercise more, have a more active social network and are less deeply affected by stressful life events like death, divorce, loss of job, etc.

#3 Children exposed to pet allergens in the first year of life have reduced risk of asthma and allergic rhinitis

Children who grow up with pets become not just better, more responsible people, but also healthier adults. Studies have shown that early exposure to pet dander and the many microbes that pets carry on them improves a child’s immunity. And this considerably reduces the risks of developing asthma and allergic rhinitis later in life.

#4 Pets are more frequently recommended in treatment of autism, Alzheimer's and spinal injury

Dogs bring with them natural companionship and friendship which patients suffering from autism or Alzheimer’s can benefit from. In addition to that, dogs can be trained to help patients navigate through their day and life with their help. Things like taking medicines, helping them find their way home, picking up and bringing things to them, etc. are just some of the incredible ways that dogs can be ideal companions in the treatment of otherwise debilitating illnesses, including spinal injuries.

#5 Dogs can detect presence of certain cancers

Dogs listen to everything that its owner says to them. Perhaps it’s time that people learned to listen as well. We all know that a dog’s nose is super sensitive to all smells, but did you know that it can even smell out cancer? Yes, it’s true. This is because a dog can detect the different metabolic waste that a cancerous cell releases, which is quite different from that of a healthy one. Dogs have been known to detect breast, lung, bladder or skin cancers with a fair degree of accuracy. There are studies and research that has proven this. Many dogshave often helped their owners detect cancer even when they showed no signs that they had it.

#6 Offers verified therapeutic, psychological, physiological and psychosocial benefits

What do all the points above tell us then? Dogs are voluntary, verified, loving and personal therapists who offer all kinds of psychological, physiological and psychosocial benefits, to the young and the old alike. And now it’s your turn. What can you give your dog in return for all these incredible benefits that it bestows upon you? Love and attention, of course. But there is one more thing that can help. A nutritional diet that gives your dog all that it needs for a healthier, happier life. And this does not mean picking the most expensive kibble or packaged food. And no, nor does it mean giving it the same delicious food that you eat. You need to consider a dog’s diet and its nutritional needs. A part of the wolf family (yes, even your sweet Lab or lap-sized Apso),your dog needs and will thrive only on a raw diet. This natural food contains the exact mix of all the nutrients and goodness that a dog would get if it were a wild creature. The result is a happier, more energetic dog, with no illness or troubles of its own. And this will strengthen the bond between you and your pet Are you willing to consider feeding your fur baby the healthier food option in return for all that it offers you, selflessly? We thought you would. J