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Air Dried Dog Food - Goat, Br. Rice & Veggies

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Air Dried Goat, Rice, and Vegetable Dog Food - Our ingenious Meal or Treat.

Our special combo air dried meals containing Goat, Rice, and Vegetable Dog Food is specially prepared by BARF India is a healthy, minimally processed option for dogs of ALL ages that has rich flavors and high nutritional content which means that your dog gets the most out of our ingredients. Our air-dried meals combine the best of all worlds. With the severe challenges of cold-chain logistics in India, we have introduced our new air-dried B.A.R.F dog food, Goat, brown rice, and Veggie Dog Food, which gives you the convenience of dry dog food and many of the nutritional values and benefits of raw. Plus, dogs LOVE the taste.

This product is gently cooked and then dehydrated at low temperatures to lock in the nutrients.

What is the Air-Dried Goat, Brown Rice & Veggies Dog Food made up of?

A Juiciest air-dried Goat, brown rice & veggies Dog Food is made for dogs by B.A.R.F India is a perfect meal making them cherish dinner time like never before. The recipe contains Goat Meat, Brown Rice, and Vegetables which contain all the essential nutrients such as Proteins, Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Omega 3&6 needed by our pets to thrive. Our Goat, brown rice & veggies Dog Food are made using only high-quality fresh ingredients which are responsibly sourced. Our carefully crafted formulas provide our pets with a healthy and nutritious meal which they will not be able to resist.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Dogs Weight (In Kgs) Qty for feeding (in gms)
    0.4gms - 2.2kg 60 - 125 gms
    2.2kg - 4.5kg 125 - 250 gms
    4.5kg - 9 kg 250 - 375 gms
    9kg - 13.6kg 375 - 560 gms
    13.6kg - 18.1kg 560 - 670 gms
    18.1kg - 22.6kg 670 - 810 gms
    22.6kg - 27.2kg 810 - 930 gms
    27.2kg - 31.7kg 930 gms - 1.06 kg
    31.7kg - 36.2kg 1.06 - 1.18 kg
    36.2kg - 40.8kg 1.18 - 1.25 kg
    40.8kg - 45.3kg 1.25 - 1.31 kg
    45.3kg ++ 1.31 kg + 60 gms for every 4.5kg
  • Feed 4-5 pieces every day as treats

Always have clean drinking water available at all times.


Meat, and Offals: (50%)
Boneless Goat Meat, Fresh Goat Liver, Goat Heart.

Brown Rice: (34%)

Vegetables & Fruits: (16%)
Farm-fresh Carrots, Organic Pumpkin, French Beans, Beetroot.

Add-ons: (2%)

Eggshell Powder, Kelp, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, chicory root, Inulin.

The benefits of feeding Goat and Chicken Krispies:

  • Providing a great source of lean protein.
  • Protein for muscle growth and development.
  • Chicken liver is rich in vitamin A, fat and protein.
  • A great choice for feeding puppies and underweight dogs.
  • Rich source of Niacin known for its cancer-protective properties.
  • Extremely rich in Selenium, an important trace mineral.

What is the process of dehydration followed to prepare our Krispies?

Dehydration is a process that removes moisture from ingredients while maintaining the nutrients and positive qualities of those ingredients. Removing the water from ingredients creates a nutrient-rich, healthy alternative to ‘cooked’ kibble and dry foods. The dehydration process is gentle and ideal for keeping the prime nutritional value of the ingredients.

Are dehydrated Krispies safe?

Dehydrated B.A.R.F Dog Food is one of the safest options available for storing foods out of the freezer / fridge. The dehydration process removes moisture from the ingredients helping it to last longer, especially in comparison to raw food. What this means for you is a longer shelf life without the need for a plethora of preservatives that are found in kibble. Couple the long shelf life with healthier and tastier ingredients, and you’ve got a food that is extremely safe for your dog.

Our recipes contain:

  • Real Ingredients
  • No Preservatives
  • Absolutely No Added Flavours
  • No Added Colors
  • Never any Hidden Ingredients
  • No Hassles

Nutritional Values:

Crude Protein: 38% Min

Crude Fat: 21% Min

Crude Fiber: 7% Max

Moisture: 2% Max