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Benefits of feeding BARF to your dogs

Benefits of feeding BARF to your dog.

Have you heard? Many, countless literally, pet owners like you are making the shift from processed kibble to a BARF diet. Ahh, sounds familiar, right? There is talk of BARF going on around the internet and it has certainly piqued your interest. With the rising illnesses and diseases among dogs, pet owners who love their dogs have been on a lookout for food as natural as nature intended it to be. And it’s not kibble. They need something to tackle the allergies and hot spots, digestive problems, skin and coat problems and many degenerative diseases that are plaguing our furry friends. The answer is BARF.
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BARF is simple and it has always been around

The BARF diet is not new. If your dog could talk, she’d probably tell you what her ancestors used to eat. It was the simple and age-old BARF diet that has been fed and has been eaten by dogs and cats alike for centuries. Unfortunately, sometime around the late 1930s, this diet disappeared. That was the time when processed foods and kibble made an appearance, and suddenly everyone wanted to be on that bandwagon.The tides are changing, slowly, and many pet owners are rediscovering the benefits of the BARF diet. Luckily for us in India, processed food made an appearance much later. But it’s never too early or too late to shift from kibble to BARF. Let’s know a little more about this amazing diet.

So, what is BARF?

BARF is an acronym, and it stands for Basic Ancestral Raw Food or also commonly called Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or Bones and Raw Food. As the name suggests, this diet focuses on feeding dogs a species-appropriate diet and taking them back to their evolutionary diet. The BARF diet is made of raw whole foods, the kind that your dog's wild ancestors ate (and continue to eat). The food should include muscle meat, organ meats, bone, fat, vegetables and fruits, all combined in the right ratios to give your dog a balanced meal, as nature would mean to.
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But even kibble is balanced?

Don't get swayed by what kibble companies say. Processed foods are bad news, whatever they might be promising you. All that talk about ‘real meat’ and ‘all natural rice and chicken formula’ is just that, a gimmick. Check the ingredients at the back of the packet. You will probably see a lot of artificial ingredients like preservatives, colouring agents, additives, chemicals and grains. This is NOT what nature intended for a dog to eat. They might fill your dog’s tummy and he might even look forward to the meal, but in the long run all these foods cause a lot of health problems.

Your pet's health is in your hands

Health issues will initially show as dry skin or a dull coat, or perhaps bad breath or loose stools. But these are indications of a larger problem that will crop up later in your pet’s life. And the fault lies with kibble and dry, processed food. Your pet trusts you to take all the right decisions for her. Shifting to BARF is one of the best things that you could ever do.

Some incredible benefits of BARF:

When you shift to BARF, you will start to see small and then amazing differences in your furry friend. Here are a few.
  • Beautiful teeth: Your dog will have lesser tarter build-up and cleaner teeth with a sweeter breath
  • Glossy coat: Dry and itchy skin conditions, allergies, etc.will get eliminated and your dog will soon get a beautiful lustrous coat.
  • Better digestion: Chronic diarrhoea issues associated with kibble will disappear, and there will be lesser stool with minimal odour.
  • Lean and fit: Overweight dogs will lose all the extra fats, and you will soon have a leaner, fitter looking animal.
  • Stronger immune system:Many ailments, like arthritis, will slowly lessen and your pet will have greater mobility.
  • More energy: You will notice puppy-like increase in energy and vitality in your dog.
  • Better life: Your dog will have better health and well-being, leading to a better and wonderful life.
Will you also join in this quiet revolution? Give your dog the advantage of a truly natural diet that his body craves. He will get all the nutrients that he needs, naturally, along with the right enzymes that he needs for proper digestion and absorption. If you truly wish to bring about a long-lasting change in your furry friend, give the BARF diet a try, and see the difference for yourself.Within a month you will see some of the chronic problems just disappear. Say no to chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives and grains. And say yes to BARF.
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