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Dehydrated Duck Wings - 6 whole wings

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Dehydrated Duck Wings are all-natural bone-in treat that is durable against your dog's bite, only breaking off into safe smaller chewable pieces. It is the single-ingredient without chemical, preservatives and additives that you and your dog's both benefit from.

Duck wings are a great crunchy treat your dog will love . These dehydrated snacks are excellent for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities, and are a Natural Source of Chondroitin for Joint Health.

Nutritional Benefits of Duck Wings for Dogs

Duck Wings are high in iron. And is leaner than duck muscle meat and easy to digest making them a good alternative to other meats such as jerky or liver. These gourmet dog treats are easy on the digestive system, making them a good solution to common food sensitivities. Our Free-range dehydrated Duck Wings are full of essential minerals such as zinc, iron and copper which build a strong immune system, keep energy levels stable and help build strong bones, strong muscles and cartilage.

Ingredients: 100% free-range Duck Wings

Zero Preservatives
No Additives
Zero Grain
No Wheat
No Gluten
Zero Filler of any kind