Joint Issues and arthritic problems in Dogs!

Joint Issues and arthritic problems in Dogs!

Embracing a transformative journey for your dog's health begins by bidding farewell to store-bought dog food and kibble, notorious for causing disease and discomfort. Instead, consider transitioning to BARF—a raw, natural diet pioneered by Dr. Ian Billinghurst. BARF, emphasizing raw meaty bones and foods, isn't merely a diet shift; it's a healing expedition. Beyond addressing joint woes, it's hailed for resolving an array of health concerns—from skin and fur issues to dental problems, digestive troubles, and more.

To alleviate your dog's pain and fortify their joints, consider integrating raw-food supplements and osteofactor extracts into their BARF diet. Here's a recommended protocol:

  • Calcifood Powder (1/2 tbsp for small dogs to 1 heaping tbsp for large dogs)
  • Biost (2 tablets for small dogs; up to 4 for large dogs)
  • Ligaplex II (2 tablets for small dogs; up to 4 tablets for large dogs)
  • Cataplex F (1 tablet for small dogs; up to 3 tablets for large dogs)

These supplements, crafted from raw sources like bones, marrow, and essential nutrients, seamlessly blend with your dog's meal. Consistency is key—maintain this regimen for 4-6 months before reassessment. Improvement often begins within 30 days, though complete joint healing may necessitate additional months.

The supplements' composition is a marvel—enriched with raw bone components, vital minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.), amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and more, sourced from nature's bounty.

Dogs possess an incredible capacity for natural healing, unencumbered by emotional barriers. They're resilient beings designed to recover. Even "incurable" genetic issues, like weak tendons and ligaments causing severe joint problems, can find hope in this holistic approach. 

Your dog doesn't have to endure silently. Avoid masking pain with medications or opting for surgeries prematurely. Challenge the notion that conventional dog food suffices for their well-being. Provide your dog with the nourishment they truly need for recovery. 

The beauty? No coercion needed—these supplements are derived from genuine, raw bone sources, ensuring your dog happily devours them. Commence this journey to aid your furry friend today. Should you seek guidance for your pets chronic ailments, such as arthritis or joint issues, don't hesitate to reach out.