How often to feed my raw fed dog

Green Tripe - A stinky delight for dogs!

Raw Green Tripe is the nutrient-rich lining of the stomach of a ruminant animal such as a cow, buffalo, lamb or sheep. The term 'Green' tripe does not necessarily refer to it’s color. Here it refers to the fact that it has not been cleaned, bleached & not scalded. The actual color is brown, but, sometimes there will be a greenish tint due to the grass the animal ate just before slaughtering. Green Tripe barfindia I have been hearing people talk about how bad the smell was, but until you experience it first-hand, you could never imagine how bad it really actually is. The first tripe we brought home was in a thermocol box in the back of the car. Even with windows open, it was still horrible. A few minutes after we reached home, the howling and whining began. I have never seen my dogs in such a crazy fenetic rush. So then, arises the main question - how can something so disgusting, be so good? The gastric juices & enzymes not only aid the animals in their digestion, but also in aiding the dog in digesting & efficiently utilizing his food. The amino acids present in Green Tripe are necessary for muscular development &, the other remaining gastric juices, are the best cleaners for their teeth! Kiara BARF India Tripe is also a great option for feeding to picky dogs as it is very palatable to most dogs. It's all due to the smell – it might be a stink to you, but to a dog it smells heavenly! Green tripe is also a great source of manganese – which is super-awesome, because manganese is one of those trace minerals that tend to fall short in many D.I.Y Prey Model Raw diets, since it isn’t found in significant amounts in other meat products. And that ultimately means that green tripe is the primary source of manganese in a lot of prey model raw diets.
Some of the many incredible benefits of feeding raw green tripe include:
  • an improvement to skin and coat condition,
  • reduction in allergy symptoms and skin conditions,
  • cleaner teeth and reduction of tartar,
  • improved digestion,
  • better absorption of nutrients,
  • a reduction in digestive disorders and problems,
  • and overall improvement to general health.
That is just the tip of the iceberg, this canine superfood is proving to be an essential part of a truly healthy diet.
Barf India
'Green' tripe also has a 1:1 calcium phosphorus ratio, but do remember that this doesn’t mean green tripe has enough calcium to feed exclusively. Remember that cooking, bleaching or scalding tripe destroys almost all of the nutritional benefits especially the healthy enzymes and amino acids. Freezing does manage to keep most of the nutritional content intact. But it definetely is much more convenient than burying raw meat underground. Now brings you the same green tripe in a hygienic condition delivered straight to your house without you having to go to the butcher shops and carry the 'stinky' - bag home. BARF Rolls-1.jpg